Tijuana is the most visited border in the world.

NBC says “Americans Heading to Tijuana for their Healthcare Needs”. For more information, please click here
Travel Weekly says “Tijuana… […]… has become one of the most unique [urban areas] in the world”. For more information, please click here.


All US citizens are required to travel abroad with a valid US passport or US Passport Card. If you do not have a passport, click on this site for information on how to get a passport or passport card:.

Some agencies on the Internet offer a shorter delivery time for an additional charge: Here is an example.

In addition, patients need to bring an official ID and in case of allergies or diseases, they need to bring their medical records, this helps our doctors prevent any allergic reaction to the medicine used in our hair procedures.


Grand Hotel Tijuana

TJ Hair Clinic has opened their doors in a new location at the “Plaza Agua Caliente” also known as “Torres de Tijuana”. Located in one of the most touristic areas of Tijuana, our patients and their companions can now enjoy the day to day life of the city while getting their hair transplant with us.

In addition, our hair clinic is located next to one of Tijuana’s top hotel Grand Hotel Tijuana Casino & Resort. Patients can enjoy from the excellent food their offer at their different restaurants, companions can spend the day enjoying their casino or if you decide to stay in the hotel spend the day at pool.

TJ Hair Clinic is now near a wide variety of new restaurants, shopping malls, Tijuana’s country club, cinemas, among other activities.

For our patients that are visiting from the US, they can travel to the San Diego Airport and then cross the new “Cross Border Xpress” bridge to the Tijuana Airport. Click the following link, for more information on how to use the new border bridge:

Once on the entrance of the airport you can request transport from one of the official cars the airport has or you can ask for uber service. In case you have any questions about any of the services, please check out their websites:




Hotel Hacienda del Rio
Just 5 minutes away from TJ Clinic.

If you want to know how the public transport work in Tijuana and the different routes you can take, please click the following link

If our patients are looking for hotel accommodations, we have the following recommendations near the clinic:


Real Inn Tijuana
Just 8 minutes away from TJ Clinic.


Real Del Rio
Just 5 minutes away from TJ Clinic.


Hotel Lucerna
Just 5 minutes away from TJ Clinic.


City Express Rio
Just 8 minutes away from TJ Clinic.


If you are driving to Tijuana, check out our video that will guide you step by step on how to get to the clinic. In case of doubts during your drive, please call us at:
1 (800) 404 28 51.


A new generation of adventurous entrepreneur, chefs, artists, and medical innovators are turning Tijuana into a multicultural city.

Visit Tijuana’s famous cultural center. CECUT  offers visitors a great variety of art expositions, plays, concerts, aquarium and educational movies on their famous IMAX screen. For driving directions, please click here.


  • Buy local. Mercado Hidalgo offers the best local products, enjoy the freshness of the fruit and vegetables, original Mexican candy, quality tortillas and cheese, among others local products.



  • If you are looking to do some shopping while you visit Tijuana, you can visit the following malls: Galerias and Plaza Rio , where you can find world-known stores and brands.


  • In addition, you can enjoy a perfect family day. Both malls have a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal, movie theaters with their VIP cinemas where you can enjoy a good meal and drink in the most comfortable seats.
  • For the young ones they have kid inspired places with bowling alleys, arcades among other fun activities.
  • For driving directions from the TJ Clinic to Plaza Rio, please click here.


What forms of identification do I need?

If traveling internationally, to enter into Mexico you won’t need any identification since they don’t check you coming in. However, to return back into the US you will need either of the following:

1. US Passport if you are a United States citizen
2. Passport with US tourist visa if you are not US citizen but need to return through the US
3. Green Card for US residents or H1 visa holders
4. If you are a US citizen but don’t currently have a valid passport, additional options are 1) US birth certificate with an official ID or driver license or 2) US naturalization certificate with an official ID or driver license
5. Sentri Card or Global Entry Card

If I’m traveling from out-of-town, should I stay in a hotel in Mexico or the US?

We recommend that you stay the closest to the clinic as possible, however if you decide to stay in the US we will accommodate for that too, no problem. The day of the procedure the patient will need to arrive at the clinic by 8:00am so the closer, the better to avoid traffic.

Is transportation included in my package?

Yes, all FUE Hair Transplant packages include free transportation.

Who’s picking me up?

Once we receive your travel itinerary or pick location, our driver will be contacting you to arrange pick up, he will then provide all the information you need including vehicle model, form of ID if requested, and coordinate pickup. He will get in touch through mobile phone or email one day prior to the scheduled date but if you require to speak to him before this, please let your case manager know so she can get you in contact sooner.

How do I pay for my FUE hair transplant?

FUE purchasing is done in two payments, plus laboratory exams.

1. The deposit to secure procedure date ($500 usd plus PayPal processing fee of 3%, total $515.30 usd).
2. The balance is paid at arrival to the clinic on the date of the procedure.
3. An additional $95 USD for laboratory exams the day of the procedure.

What payment methods can I use for paying the balance the day of the procedure?

Cash, Wire Transfer, PayPal, US Bank Transfer, US Bank Cashier’s Check, Credit Card Visa/Master Card. Please note that merchant processing fees will be included based on your preferred method.

Are there ATMs in Mexico?

Yes, there’s many ATMs around our clinic, however please be advised that if your card is from a foreign bank or credit union (from US or other country), you will need to make traveling arrangements previously to using it in Mexico so that you don’t get blocked. Also, if you are planning on paying for the procedure you will also need to make this arrangement before processing the payment.

Is it safe to stay in Mexico?

Yes, our hotel recommendations are very close to our clinic in the downtown area which is a high traffic tourist area with heavy police patrolling and security that focuses on protecting international travelers. Besides, we are very close to the US border and our clinic has 24 hrs. security. The violence that you hear on the news is far away from us on the outskirts of the city.

Can I bring a companion?

Yes, transportation will be provided for up to two persons. Should you require more, please let your case manager know ahead of time, so we can arrange this.


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