What happens after having FUE hair transplant?

In the coming months, it’s normal for our FUE patients to experience the following:

  • Bleeding: Its normal that you might experience some bleeding on the transplanted site for next couple of days up to 7 days after transplant.
  • Itching: Its normal that you will experience itching from the incisions that were made and the newly transplanted follicles, please avoid scratching to not remove follicles.
  • Hair Falling-out: The hair shedding is a normal stage of the transplant but don’t worry the roots will still be there and continue to grow which is what we want for long term.
  • Numbness: You might experience some numbness in the donor area (suture) and graft area, its normal and can continue for 8-12 weeks but do not worry, you will get your sensitivity back.
  • Scabs on head: Some patients get some scabs on the transplanted site which falls out with time during the first 3-4 weeks, this is normal.
  • Headache: You might experience light headaches after the procedure, don’t worry its normal because of the incisions, please continue taking your medication to avoid more discomfort.