How many hairs or follicles will be transplanted?

The number of follicles you were quoted after your virtual evaluation. This amount can only change in two scenarios, 1) If during your in-person evaluation we learn of previous transplants or other medical conditions that were not previously disclosed (this is very rare ~ less than 1% of our patients) or 2) If you, of your own free will request, under no pressure from our team or anybody else, more follicles. This is possible in the rare occasion where you actually have a better donor area than expected from the virtual evaluation and could achieve more follicles if desired. All the treatment levels are forwarded with your quote, so you will already be aware that you may have options, donor area permitting. It is against our policy to ever “upsell” any patient, however, if the patient requests more follicles, and qualifies, we can modify the treatment plan. This needs to be done during the in-person design consultation with the doctor. Once the design has been signed by the patient, and the procedure begins, no changes to the treatment plan are allowed.